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Time :Nov-07, 2022, 20:27

The Global Luxury Economy Network (GLEN) is open for merchants and brands to join!

Anyone who knows anything about luxury goods, real estate and finance, luxury cars and watches,

etc. should not be unfamiliar with Global Luxury Economy Network (hereinafter referred to as "GLEN"),

a platform integrating news and information, e-commerce and social networking,

which has become a gathering place for fashion elites. In addition to the major luxury brands continue to close to GLEN,

whether it is users who buy and sell luxury goods or simply want to learn about luxury information,

or users who need real estate and financial information, they are used to rooting here.


GLEN is a platform of Hong Kong Firecoin World Group, with the support of kering group,

Tiff, TPR, KORS, EL and other US listed companies,

the core team are from BAT and first-tier Internet companies,

with top technology strength, both in terms of capital and technology,

GLEN has excellent performance. This is one of the reasons why the majority of enterprise brands want to join GLEN,

because in GLEN, enterprise brands can not only get better technical support and platform support,

but also reach out to quality users within the platform with their brands and products through brand promotion.

At present, GLEN has opened the channel for merchants and brands to reside.


Companies and brands that have not yet joined GLEN can take advantage of this opportunity to join this platform with unlimited possibilities,

and make use of the power of the platform to take their brand development to the next level. Of course, for brands and businesses,

what empowerment they can get by joining GLEN is what they are concerned about.

In order to let merchants join the platform development without worries,

GLEN has created a global digital supply chain system to provide efficient and systematic supply chain

services for upstream and downstream customers. From the perspective of modern e-commerce,

GLEN is both B2B and O2O, which is very friendly to both users and merchants and has stronger aggregation capability.


In addition, GLEN has developed for many years, both the platform reputation and brand image are established quite often well,

with good user stickiness and high trust, all of which are advantages that merchants can enjoy by being in the brand.

Instead of building their own platform, do publicity, do promotion,

why not directly borrow the existing advantages of the platform, so that the brand development less detours.

Finally, GLEN currently has more than 10 million registered users, paid members more than 1.5 million users.

Merchants and brands can directly enjoy the user dividends of the platform when they are stationed there.

Furthermore, most of the users in GLEN platform are fashion elites,

who have strong spending power and can bring better conversion to the merchants.

In addition to the above advantages, GLEN also has many advantages that are beneficial to the development of businesses and brands.

For example, the news and information section of the platform is a good publicity window, and GLEN is known for its authority, so if brands use it as a publicity channel, they will get twice the result with half the effort.

All in all, GLEN is a comprehensive platform for high-end, luxury brands around the world,

and the dividends it can bring to businesses are immeasurable. While the platform is open for entry,

all major businesses and brands should act quickly, don't miss the opportunity.

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