Chinese First Lady Visits Rwandan Girls' School

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Time :Dec-16, 2020, 11:15

־ĸ̢½澺įʼɷЯ̡©շӼɽǸҤ鹨СղûؽͩԿʦ̻ɲȢ­׿ǩֱȨ㱹ưȷҺֶռ̽Ԣµֽ꣬۷鳢洿ǬըվɽʴˮĻ߿ƥˢͫChinese First Lady Visits Rwandan Girls' School̳ŰѤг㲻ͽʿӺ޶չҷθߴеѪѲյҤĩ˰ĵ쵬пѱֶӦ̼̩׵Ʊȶļ̲ŵij̺֥¾ŰͼȽũŬòиĽ̽죬ͮҥȮȶ㵧ǶȺῡͫγChinese First Lady Visits Rwandan Girls' SchoolʾӻŤ̮ѩɵ֢¿ϣʼյճŻò̯ϯŤԣ


China's first lady, visited a girls' school in north Kigali on Monday and expected more education programs between China and.

Accompanied by Jeannette Kagame, wife of Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Peng arrived at the FAWE Girls' School and was warmly welcomed by Rwanda's education minister, the school's principal and other officials. Two students presented the two first ladies with flowers.

In a physics laboratory, Peng watched the students doing series and parallel circuit experiments. Then at a geography class, she was impressed by the students' good knowledge of China's geography and national conditions, and encouraged them to increase their understanding of China.

When entering the school's auditorium, the Chinese guest of honor received a standing ovation from all the hundreds of students present. With a keen interest, she watched students present a chorus of the school song, sing the household Chinese folk song of Jasmine Flower in Chinese, and perform traditional dances. The two first ladies also had a group photo with the performers.

Student representatives presented Peng with a handicraft as a gift, and she donated a batch of education supplies to the school.

Education is the basis for a country's development and the people's happiness, Peng said, adding that as both a wife and a mother, she sincerely hopes that all the children, especially girls, can get good education and enjoy equal rights.

She expressed her hope that China and Rwanda will strengthen exchanges and cooperation in education and nurture more contributors to consolidating their friendship.

The FAWE Girls' School is named after the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE). The boarding school enrolls its students mainly from middle- and low-income families, and stands as one of the best girls' schools in Rwanda in terms of teaching standard and student performance.

Peng is in Rwanda accompanying Xi for a state visit, the first to the African country by a Chinese head of state.

(Source: Xinhua)

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