Male Midwife Photo Stirs Discussion on Occupational Gender B

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Time :Dec-16, 2020, 11:15

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A photo showing a lone male midwife student sitting among a large group of went viral in the social media recently, triggering a discussion on gender and occupations.

The male student, Lou Congyu from Zhoushan in east China's Zhejiang Province, is shown in the photo posted on WeChat carrying a baby in his arms and smiling.

Lou is at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, where he is the only male midwife majoring in nursing.

Many commentators said they felt the case was a little strange or even unacceptable, since midwives are almost exclusively women.

Occupational gender bias exists almost in every country in the world, in the fields of educational activity, mass media and career choices, others pointed out.

However, differences between the genders are barely noticeable in nearly every occupation. For example, women are active in areas such as the transportation and even aerospace.

Nowadays, people are more open-minded and inclusive than ever before. More people have b challenged tradition and become the pioneers of changing opinion.

More women are working in fields that were dominated by men in the past decades. Meanwhile, more men choose to become nurses, midwives and other professions.

Therefore, experts said that people should eliminate occupational gender bias, and the practice of choosing a career across gender should be encouraged, which can be considered as a sign of social progress.

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