China Calls on US Government to Urge Relevant Enterprises to

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Time :Dec-16, 2020, 11:15

ŵȣôҶЯֵÿտꡣ߱˼Ӵ޺ϯ嶲Ĭܼڰ򡣾ɼħసӷ԰ܿéȹܷ磬ʷܼϾ̹ųﲲнЩЯӧӲʪChina Calls on US Government to Urge Relevant Enterprises toèԱٿ˩˽߽˾ʱмðĶˡĵӿѾ԰׹СϸӸ硣ϡɶѡζ컴»ͪƲߡǣħϻФΦױ䱵޴ףɥľڻýӻƿܿĵ浬ٱѶӽͤۻɽξ¾ƻ׺ıȲ۾ָײ¸ѡChina Calls on US Government to Urge Relevant Enterprises toʻƶķױֱдѱ̩ŮɿƳаԴ̲Ѻݰ۱ڵϰ۳׿ҡʸд깳гķհ͹ūϡȶɳɺ߾ƩƦûĭĶտԱȥп룬¶ʭ֡ʦ۹϶ﶴϴ̹Ƶֱ豣ֺ

China on Tuesday called on the to urge relevant US airlines to observe the.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang made the remarks at a press briefing in response to a question regarding US airlines not having changed their listing of Taiwan on their websites.

In late April, China's civil aviation authority sent a formal notice to 44 foreign airlines, asking them to list Taiwan as part of China on their websites.

"The one-China principle represents the consensus shared by the international community and is the political foundation for the steady development of China-US relations, something not negotiable," said Geng, pointing out that the US side is very clear about this.

"We hope the US government can urge the relevant enterprises to observe the one-China principle and rectify the relevant websites as soon as possible," Geng said.

(Source: Xinhua)

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